Comment choisir sa sangle, courroie, dragonne pour appareil photo ? La réponse : Camstrap

How to choose your camera strap, belt, wrist strap? The answer: Camstrap


How to choose your camera strap?
Every photography enthusiast needs a wrist strap to keep their camera within reach, without having to hold it in their hand. Do you necessarily need a canon camera strap for this brand? What about the vintage camera strap? CAMSTRAP stands out in this world where competition is fierce, but we offer you an overview of the criteria to take into account before investing in a strap .

You have probably noticed that the system for attaching a canon camera strap is the same as for attaching a nikon camera strap , panasonic lumix camera strap or any other brand . This is because the classic models are generally thought to be worn around the neck. They are not lacking in practicality if you use the strap for a fairly short period of time. On the other hand, you may feel pain in the neck in case of prolonged wear. This is because the entire weight of the device is carried by your neck, which turns out to be quite inconvenient.

handsfree camera strap camstrap camera strap

The Camstrap ensures your comfort as the weight of your camera is evenly distributed over your shoulders. As the device is positioned in front of you, you will be able to immortalize exceptional scenes and moments without any difficulty! It should be noted that this Nikon SLR camera strap was designed by a physiotherapist who has been practicing for over 30 years. His experience allowed him to imagine a solution that protects against neck pain caused by lumix camera straps, fnac camera straps and other classic olympus camera straps.

The type of accessory
Strap, strap, wrist strap: what are the differences? Should we stay on the original strap, bet on a leather vintage camera strap or are there other solutions? Indeed, these are valid questions.

Let's start with straps and belts which have similar functions. By choosing this type of accessory, you can wear your camera around your neck or on your shoulder. In the second case, you can opt for a Sony camera strap or another model that may come with your device. These models are easy to put on and since they usually come with the camera, you don't have to buy a leather camera strap right away. The downside of a neck or shoulder strap is that it quickly creates soreness because the weight is concentrated on one part of your body.

The sony camera strap offers the advantage of discretion. Just like the lumix camera strap and the nikon camera strap, it allows you to wear your camera on your wrist . It is an interesting accessory for compact devices. In most cases, the leather camera strap is adjustable to prevent it from slipping accidentally. However, you still have one hand busy holding your device , which is not necessarily practical.

CAMSTRAP combines the advantages of straps, straps and wrist straps, without the drawbacks that come with it . Inspired by travel and freedom , it slips on in seconds and then takes on the appearance of a harness. It's just as easy to remove it after your photo session. With this revolutionary strap , you keep both hands free for increased comfort. Add to that you can snap photos on the fly quickly, whether in portrait or landscape mode, with or without a tripod. It's a luxury offered by very few standard rope camera straps.

camstrap hands free camera strap

With the classic straps and wrist straps, the camera hangs almost freely . It becomes a baggage in its own right that can slow you down and hamper your movements. Imagine you had to bend down to pick up an object. Your device will get in the way by hanging in front of you or slipping off your shoulder. 

The problem does not arise with this single strap. Your device is placed in front of your belly and as it is supported on both sides, there is no risk of unbalancing you. It is therefore easy to move and move without having to get rid of your device.

Let's face it: cameras are the envy of people. Safety is therefore an essential criterion to take into account when it comes to attaching a sony or other brand camera strap. If you choose a classic leather camera strap, you are not immune to purse snatching . If you take a Canon camera strap, there is the risk that pickpockets will cut the strap to take your equipment. 

With its fastening system that keeps it against your body, the single strap effectively protects your device against theft. Indeed, the strap passes both behind your waist and your neck. And since it is worked in finesse, you can wear an open shirt, a light jacket or a big jacket over it, depending on the season. Seen from behind, there is no indication that you are carrying a camera. The strap could possibly be mistaken for suspenders, a belt or another trendy fashion accessory, which works in your favor.
camstrap camera strap handsfree camera strap
Device protection
It is obvious that if you are looking for an olympus camera strap, a fnac camera strap or a rope camera strap, it is because you want to protect your device. By keeping it close to you, you limit the risk of damage. But what can damage your gear? In reality, it only takes a few things. Leaning over could accidentally knock it against the floor or a hard object. If you get pushed around, a classic leather camera strap will not be able to guarantee the protection of the equipment. With a vintage camera strap, the risk of falling is increased because you could drop the camera inadvertently or under the effect of a shock.

This does not mean that there is no reliable solution. The Camstrap strap that we offer here exposes your camera very little . It is therefore protected against blows, theft, falls and shocks . As a bonus, you do not have to readjust its position regularly. Once in place, your device barely rocks and you can go about your business or move around without taking any special precautions.

The price
Buying a sling should be a medium to long term investment. Yes, but you often have to pay the price. As an indication, a fnac camera strap costs more than 50 euros if you bet on good quality. The prices are quite similar if you opt for a nikon camera strap or a canon camera strap. Allow between 40 euros and more than 110 euros for a sony camera strap . If you fall for a vintage camera shoulder strap, the price range oscillates between 20 euros and 50 euros but beware, these are products made of rope or imitation leather. Durability is therefore not guaranteed and the risks of friction are not to be neglected. The range of olympus camera straps sells for less but is not compatible with other brands. 

The Cam strap offers excellent value for money. For 35 euros, you get a nato strap. It is a top-of-the-range fabric, lined on both sides and which appeals enormously for its finesse. The production is 100% French, which guarantees you quality work and reduced costs thanks to the proximity of the workshop.

If you're a fan of the vintage leather camera strap, it's probably because you attach importance to design. Indeed, the leather camera strap brings an authentic, simple and original look at the same time. Timeless, the material adapts to your clothing style of the day and enhances the case of your device, whatever the brand.

This is all the difference with the original straps. They are black in color, with no other options. Even less aesthetic, we can see from afar that you are wearing a Nikon camera strap, a Lumix reflex camera strap or even a Canon camera strap on you. This is because the brand name is printed in large print, like an indelible signature. It is also the details that generally attract the attention of pickpockets.

Maybe you could get into a diy leather camera strap? The idea is excellent but it takes a minimum of know-how to make the fit perfect. Otherwise, aesthetics will prevail over comfort.

And if you simply simplify your life with the single strap? It has everything from the vintage camera strap and it is available in several colors. Black, red, orange, army-style camouflage or with James Bond-style suspender stripes, everyone can easily find the model that suits them. In addition, you have the choice between S, M or L, to choose according to your size. And how to put on the olympus camera strap or attach the sony camera strap? The instructions for use remain the same. You attach the carabiners to the attachment rings on your device and then adjust the size of the strap. All you have to do is put it on in 3 seconds and you're done.



Bonjour les crochets ronds sont ils vendus avec..?


J’ai reçu ma sangle ce matin c’est génial on peut enfin faire de la rando avec l’appareil photo toujours à portée de main sans risque de l’abimer.
J’en commande 2 autres ce jour pour mon entourage ça fera des super cadeaux….


C’est simple, hyper efficace!
Conception géniale


Le principe, le coût, les réglages sont assez bons contre les mouvements de balanciers.
Mais, J’ai des réserves sur les systèmes d’attaches métalliques sur le boîtier, qui DEVRAIENT être remplacés par des filaments et autres attaches rapides moins abrasifs.


Je vous ai déjà contacté récemment et j’ai bien vérifié sur mon APN.
Par rapport à votre vidéo pour installer votre sangle, je n’ai pas les “petits crochets ronds”
Aussi est-ce vendu avec votre produit ?
Merci et bon week-end,
bien cordialement

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