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8 Tips and tricks for successful night photos

Night photography can be a real challenge for many photographers, as it often requires specific settings depending on the scene you want to capture. The rules vary widely depending on the type of photo you're looking for, which can make night photography even more difficult. Additionally, low light makes it difficult to take sharp photos without excessive blur or noise. To help you succeed in your night shots, here are eight simple tips to follow:

1. Adjust exposure time

When the light is low, your camera will need a longer exposure to capture enough light and detail. Use "shutter priority" mode to increase shutter speed and let in more light.

2. Set ISO

Play around with the ISO to find the right setting. Use Auto ISO to start with, then adjust as needed. A cheat sheet for setting your ISO based on your shutter speed may be helpful.

3. Stabilize your shot

Make sure your camera is stable by finding a solid base to put it on. Shaking can easily cause blurry photos, especially when it comes to night shots with longer exposure times.

4. Trigger the photo remotely

Avoid touching your camera before taking a photo, as this can cause vibration and blur. Use a remote control or your camera's timer to avoid unnecessary movement.

5. Managing your time

Be patient, as night shooting may be slower. Longer exposure times mean you'll have to wait longer for your camera to capture the scene.

6. Use of fixed focal points

Use fixed focal points in the scene to help stabilize the shot and make it look sharper, even if your main subject is moving.

7. Choose the right location

Select your location carefully before taking a photo to avoid any unwanted distractions that could ruin your shot, especially with increasing exposure times, the risk of an undesirable spoiling the shot increases.

8. Choose a good strap to carry your device

Equip yourself with a good strap/harness to carry your device. Night photography requires patience and having a hands-free Camstrap will allow you to move around with your camera freely without getting tired while still having your camera ready to use.

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